Sunday, November 9, 2008

Smoove loss

Right now, the Hawks are down by three at the half against a 1-4 Oklahoma City Thunder team. They are really feeling the Smoove blues. Russell Westbrook, who is a real player, and Earl Watson were able to penetrate into the lane with impunity in the second quarter. Statistics show that the Hawks shot 35% in the second quarter, hence the reason for their offensive struggle. But it's Josh. All Josh.

Smoove invigorated fast breaks and more aggressive defensive, because of his Nightcrawler-like ability to appear out of nowhere to smack shots into oblivion. Now the Hawks are reliant on stopping the team the good ole' fashioned hard way: man-to-man defensive execution. This tends to take compromise an offense because of the exertion needed to defend. Not saying that the Hawks are doomed without Josh; the Hawks just have to realize the implications of his loss and adjust accordingly.

As I typed that last sentence, Earl Watson dribbled coast to coast and flawlessly completed his layup drill. The Thunder have outscored the Hawks by 10 points in the paint thus far.

So in mini-tribute to the importance of Smoove, herein lies the block party countdown:


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