Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Playa hata' say what?

I wonder what flavor Alan Keyes likes his Hater-Aid in?

Read for your doesn't matter. Even if he is right about Obama's citizenship, what exactly does it prove? That Obama is dishonest about where he was born? Does that make him less American than you and I because we just happened to pop out of our mother's uterus on American soil? Or is this just another episode of the 'Aid?

This is fruitless. No good will come out of this. Hating never helps; it only exacerbates. In fact, I dare somebody to give me an example of hating producing a positive change in a situation. Just so that there's no ambiguity in that dare, allow me to define the simple parameters of "hating":

1) It must be a subject about where the outcome does not make a difference in the "game." For example, if it is a playoff or playoff determining game, and a team is screwed over repeatedly or in the final seconds of a close game because of an egregiously bad call, and they call attention to the referee after the game, that is not hating. That is reasonable complaint. But if it's a game in which you were down by 15 and you make a comeback but a questionable call goes against you, and you call attention to that referee, that is hating. That call wasn't the reason that you were down by 15 in the first place. That's the reason you don't blame the call.

2) When you have to call someone out based on factors that have nothing to do with the person's ability or skills to complete a task, that is hating. In Latin, this is also called ad hominem. During this past campaign, the cries about Obama's connections to Williams Ayers and Jeremiah Wright were fair game because they called to attention Obama's credibility and personal associations. Nothing wrong with that. What wasn't fair was how people didn't research thoroughly and consider the context of each situation: Wright's sermons were from years ago and when examined closely, had a great deal of truth to them. Ayers was a figure who barely knew Obama other than a few handshakes and conversations. If you look at all the presidents in U.S. history, I'm sure that you will find a few of them with dubious associations.

So, yeah, Alan. You're taking some mighty gulps buddy.


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