Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mick Vic

Here we go again.

This news comes expected. The real grist is the irony that this story comes two days after the Falcons recorded a big win win - against a team that Vick routinely TORCHED - in their miracle season. The Falcons have clearly moved on, but Vick's fate is as uncertain as a hungover test-taker.

The Vick aficionados (and they still are out there) are steadfast in their belief that he will don an NFL uniform again. Some believe he will be a starting quarterback again. Many people doubt that last point. Frankly, I can't blame them. He would have missed two full football seasons by the time he is released. There's no guarantee that NFL teams will want to deal with the excess media, PETA and the diversion of focus in the locker room. And he'll be 29 by the time training camp rolls around.

Despite this, he does have a few factors going for him.

Every year, there are a bundle of injuries that befall quarterbacks that somehow place previously unknown quarterbacks (J.T. Sullivan anybody?) at the helm of the quarterback position. If Daunte Culpepper, Matt Cassel, Kerry Collins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyler Thigpen and the aforementioned Sullivan can start for an NFL team in 2008, then surely Vick can eventually find his way behind a center sometime in his career. But it will take him training out of his mind to get back in NFL shape as well as a rehabilitated attitude to show teams that he is more than legs (not just talking about his behavior either. He was the anti Peyton Manning in terms of preparation.).

So in memory and nostalgia for the Falcon fans who suffered the most from, you know, that... here is something that will make you smile.


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