Friday, October 31, 2008

Guess who's bizzack

Yes, it has really been about seven months since I last posted on my own blog. This is somewhat excusable, at least in my twisted mind.

Much has been going on:

- Wrapping up a documentary on the ever-changing scenery in Atlanta. This is sure to ruffle some feathers and be a real eye-opener for even the most seasoned Atlantan.

- Writing for Clutch Magazine has escalated. Check out the kid's interviews with John Legend, Sheila Johnson and Keke Palmer. Check out the articles from the ladies on fashion (if you are a woman). Check out the design. Just check it out! I'll tell you what: If there's a better business mind for a start-up than Deanna Sutton, then I have to meet him/her. Her work ethic is sickening (though the eternally self-deprecating editor would disagree) and her passion for gauging consumer trends and staying ahead of the times is worthy of noting for any aspiring magazine guru.

- Blogging for the Black Masculinity Project. Details forthcoming.

- Building a business. More details to come later.

- Becoming a father...naw, just kidding. Just felt like doing that. Right now, it's business left to accomplish.

And I'm back now, with renewed focus and vigor and yada, yada, yada. Oh yeah, before you bounce, check out this take on the Jennifer Hudson catastrophe and leave your thoughts. This is a topic I will forever grapple with.

Get at ya later.