Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Perhaps the last bruhaha of a great season...

As I am currently sitting on my plush leather couch watching the Senators Barack and Hilary go at it for the 13,456th (seriously, the 20th) time in the last few months, a few quick things stick out like outliers:

1) The desperation on Hilary's countenance and in her voice is as palpable as a crater on a 14 year old's face on prom night. She knows that if she doesn't win Texas AND Ohio, her campaign is clinically effed. The cutoffs of the moderators, the chime-ins on questions directed towards Barack, and the over-emphasizing of her experience as First Lady all indicates a woman who is on the verge of going fishin'.

2) Barack, for the first time since I have seen him, looked slightly flapped. When the query of whether he will keep his word on the acquisition of funds from the general public, there was a glimpse of panic in his eye before he recovered with his answer (for complete analysis of the debate, hit up the New York Times. They have been magnificent in covering this debate.)

3) The inevitable Louis Farrakhan question came up. Great job by Barack in deflecting and distancing himself from Farrakhan without cheapening Farrakhan's endorsement.

4) How can you stop the effect and power of special interest groups if you are using their money to fund your campaign? Riddle me that Hil...

5) Great questions by the moderators Brian Williams and Tim Russert. They gave the tough inquiries, and pressed both candidates on the major linchpins of their respective campaigns. The mods could have been a little harder on Barack's drug history and how he plans on counteracting attacks from the GOP nominee, and on Hil's failed health plan in 1993. But who's tripping?

6) Barack didn't directly address the question of his pastor's affiliation to Louis Farrakhan. He's going to have to do that eventually.


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