Friday, February 29, 2008

More on the absurdity below

Claps abound for the man in the article who took preventative measures to protect his two daughters. Claps abound for the daughters for having the smarts and composure to call someone who they knew who take preventative measures to protect his daughters. Claps abound for the call to the police by the male who took preventative measures to protect his daughters.

Common denominator in those three sentences: preventative measures, something the law doesn't have in its policy of self-defense. Now granted, we don't know for sure if the daughters were telling the truth about being followed. For all we know, they could have known the dude all along and set him up to get shot. If that is the case, then that is just downright despicable. Time and investigation will tell what really happened.

But if the tone of the article is correct, that the man did take - here's that phrase again - preventative measures to protect his seeds, then I totally sympathize. Why is it that something has to happen for the self-defense law to be enacted? I'm not for unwarranted killings, as I again sympathize with the deceased' family. But you can't play in dirt, and not expect to get dirty. When you infringe onto somebody else's life, you leave your life in their hands. You don't know what others are capable of, so why get entangled with that?

This happens all the time. Helpless women falling prey to vulturous men. Only this time, a father - something that seems to be missing in the black community - comes to the rescue. This stuff makes me beam and cringe, because I know I would have probably done the same thing. Maybe. Who knows? But I don't blame him one iota.

Now of course, this is assuming that everything that the daughters and father said was true. If there is a complete reversal, then disregard everything I wrote and go about your business in having a blessed weekend.


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