Monday, October 29, 2007

Socks, Pats, Colts, and Roundball

Boston fans, live it up.

This is your time. You boast the two best teams in football and baseball, with an outside chance to grab that title in basketball. Well, not really. The Celts are a point guard, a center, and a bench away from that. Too many ills to overcome, being that the season is here.

You are going to hear the biggest hype machine this week about the impending Pats-Colts showdown. And it will be totally justified. We all know the prolificacy of both of these teams, so I won't bore you with details.

Sunday at 4:30. Game of the Year. You can miss it if you want. Three story lines are salient about this historic match-up.

Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick - Could there be two more distinctively opposite people? One is a no show-boating, God-thanking, subdued coach that was blasted by his kicker...and the other is a sweat shirt wearing, abrasive, mad scientist, laconic coach that is impugned weekly for his lack of sportsmanship. Belichick has the edge in this match-up, with a 12-2 playoff record (2-1 against the Colts), and has undoubtedly had this game circled in the front of his 1200 page play book. Dungy claims that his team prefers the underdog status, but any competitor wants respect. The Pats are six point favorites despite being visitors and despite losing to this team nine months ago on this field. This has to raise the embers of the Horseshoes.

Peyton and Tom - Are there any two quarterbacks in the history of the NFL whose careers are as linked as these two? Peyton has a ways to go catch up with Brady in the SuperBowl ring department, but his team has shown no glimpses of any relapse. But let's face it, what Brady is doing this year is unprecedented, while he is on his way to having, statistically and record-wise, the best season by a player in NFL history. Peyton is on pace for another- ho hum- 4,000 plus yard season with only nine picks. Battle for league quarterback supremacy could take precedence in this game.

The league's top passing offense vs. the league's top passing defense - In years past, you would have pegged the top passing defense to the Pats and top passing offense to the Colts. Nope. The Colts D is something to be feared, led by the head-bussin' Safety Bob Sanders...while we all know about the Pats' panoply.

Other notables about the world:
Interesting read about emergence of youth at the top of companies. Refreshing to see, especially considering my considerable youth.

Tonight is opening night of the NBA season. Three games, a lot of story lines. More to come later in the week.
Portland @ San Antonio 8 pm
Houston @ Los Angeles 10:30 pm
Utah @ Golden State 10:30 pm

Another high-profile somebody is being taken to the cleaners.

Seems as if the reports have spoken. If Barack Obama loses the democratic nominee, it isn't because he isn't getting any help from the media.

A German inmate escaped a suitcase!

I saw American Gangster on Monday night...expect a review soon.


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