Thursday, October 11, 2007


The greatest people have it.

They know how to suck you in, make you imbibe all that they have to say, and have you take it as gospel. How do "they" do it? Who is "they?" How can you become "they?" Are "they" avoidable?

The Art of Seduction, a book (better described as an anthology of anecdotes and principles) by Robert Greene outlines, explains, and gives you everything that is needed to become a seducer. "They" are the JFKs and Marilyn Monroes (whose real name is Norma Jean Mortenson I just found out) of the world. Cleopatra from Egypt, Bathsheba from the Old Testament, and Queen Elisabeth were cited as prominent examples of women that used their innate and covert abilities to get what they wanted. No doubt, reading a few pages of this book will have you looking at people in ways more sinisterly than ever.

Which begs and brings me to the pertinent question: Is a seducer somebody to be avoided? Better yet, should we resist the urge to become a seducer, or learn the ways of a seductive individual?

To answer this question, we must examine the rudiments of a seducer and their prominence. A seducer is known to use guile, cunning, wit, and most of all, charisma, to capture the hearts of others and their own desires. This seems amoral right? This mode of operation is countercultural. After all, we are taught to treat everybody with fairness, honesty, and kindness. Manipulating people is anything but fair, because the recipient of the manipulation is often defenseless. It certainly isn't honest. And kind? Please.

What makes these type of people different from your pastor? Perhaps a pastor has more pristine motives, but the methods and ideology are highly congruent. Maybe the tools are different as well (an atheist would convince you of the illogicality of believing in God, while a pastor will harp on historical documents and supernatural occurences to prove His sovereignty). But above all, you can point out a similarity between a Joel Osteen and a Adolf Hitler.

They both possess massive charisma.

In truth, all seduction practitioners use channels in which they know will be most effective to reaching their "target market."

Ah, target market. I love that term (I was a marketing major). Life is like a 360 degree object, and likewise, everything in life comes full circle. Apple Incorporated launching a new product, performing the necessary due diligence, creating the mass amount of the said product, and promulgating it to the world is no different than a Kappa on campus pulling a female of his liking through subterfuge. Will Apple tell you about any product defects before it hits the market? Maybe, but it is always after the consumers point it out where transparency comes to play. Apple is in business to make the sale; as much as that as that lady in the club to acquire free drinks from a guy who takes interest in them.

Pretty extreme you say? Part II coming soon...


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