Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back at ya...

It's been a week, a long week too, but I'm back at you live from the Georgia Dome, where the SEC tournament is taking place. Not a lot of big names but a few to go around: Charles Barkley and Pat Riley were the only people I saw personally. I am two games into the tourney, with a more talented LSU team losing to University of South Carolina, and now Vandy is beating Auburn by nine with 15:35 to go. A couple of things of note here:

1) The stadium is empty and boast the noise level of a library. I suspect when the big boys start playing tomorrow things will change. Of course, Philips Arena's decibel level is in competition, but I digress. But this is a bit disconcerting, and only emphasizes the lack of importance of basketball in Georgia. That right, totem pole bottom baby. I shouldn't be able to call out somebody 25 rows up in the middle up the game and that person be able to hear me.

2) Media people are treated very well. Unlimited ice cream, food and snacks. Unfettered access everywhere. People looking at you like you may be somebody important. OK, the last point isn't really important to me, but seriously, if there is a better job in the world for someone who loves to write stories and be around people, then God kept it for Himself.

Right now, the lead has stretched to 16 with 6:56 remaining, Vandy's way. The team is well-trained, but what sticks out to me about them is their interior defense and how they do a great job of moving their feet and avoiding fouls while still altering shots.

Alright, that's it for now. Audi 5000.


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